chance smith

Chance is a Javascript developer living in Jackson, Tennessee.

Chance makes a living working with Sodium Halogen and Smoothie King, finding efficient solutions and creating applications with Javascript.

At home he helps his wife (Molly) with there three boys (under 6). They enjoy dinner together, books, driveway bike rides 😆, hammocks, swimming, night walks, and movie nights.

Is minimalistic with his workspace, todo list, and creative solutions.

Small Businesses hire him when they are looking to build a scalable app that solves a problem for their team and/or customer.

Chance has worked with prostigious and innovative companies like: Chick-fil-a, Vanderbuilt University, and Popvox. He's also a 4x 1st place hackathon winner.

Latest Post

Do A Short Discovery for Very Small Projects

February 17, 2020

At Sodium Halogen , we gather up-front estimates for all of the projects we do. Part of getting a estimate together is doing a discovery…