Life: How Much Fat Do You Have?

by Chance Smith

Now I will admit that I have never had a fat percentage problem but possibly it being too low. In my high school and college days I easily was hitting a 4% body fat percentage. I’m thin and fit and I blame the results on my genes and the gym. I know, I know! Everyone hate me!

I do have fat though, I promise. 

In every single area in my life I have areas that I can cut the extra out. Whether through a little work or innovative thinking, it all has to go. Let’s say I have two piles of time. Both piles are my time that I have already done something with. One pile is Time Well Spent and the other is Time Wasted. Which pile are you investing in the most? Where can you cut the fat in your life?

A trait of a successful person is to: Evaluate Yourself Often.

How are you doing right now? If you jumped on the Scale of Life what would you get? “Rockstar!”, “Ehhh!?”, or “Get Off Your Butt!”

This is possibly one of my biggest strengths and biggest failures. I evaluate myself a lot. I always want to know what I can do better and what can make the biggest impact on my life or someone elses. My failing point is being harsh on myself. My self talk always needs to be a little more positive but motivating enough to make a change.

This needs to be your goal as well. You need to measure how you are doing. You need to aim higher and impact all that you can. You will have to fight for your success because no one is going to give you theirs. The question is… What can I impact and make better?

  • My Happiness (Wake up happy)
  • My Body (Workout, Sleep, Eat, Grooming)
  • My Family (Play games, Read, Talk, Cook)
  • My Spiritual Life (Join a small group, Keep a prayer list, Read a devotion a day)
  • My Intellect (Learn something new, Solve problems, Advance what you know)
  • My Income - Spend less than you make. Have no debt. Increase income. Give 10% to a church.
  • My Social Life (Write a Thank You card, invite someone over for dinner, comment on what others are posting on Google+ or Facebook)
  • My Career (Do everything with excellence, create a plan to excel or make your business better)
What impact comes easy to you? Leave your comment below.