Working Remotely: The quick good and bad.

by Chance Smith


Since it is snowing outside and my wife and son are home I thought I would give you guys the low-down on what it’s like to work in the same place you live.

iced over car

No matter how #frozen your car is, when you #workRemotely you still have to work.

When you work from home everyone always sees the grass on my side being greener. Now I won’t lie, it’s awesome! I wouldn’t change a thing but here is a list I will update as I piece this new work-lifestyle together.

Remote Work: the good

  • no commute (less gas and no fuss)
  • freedom to work how you want to (underwear, headphones)
  • home cooked meals
  • little to no temptation to eat out

Remote Work: the bad

  • less collisions with other people
  • local distractions (chores, family)

Remote Work: the combo

  • accountability to work on work
  • less people around

Working from home makes you work on your self control to be effective, efficient, and trustworthy.