How to make email and customer service personal

by Chance Smith

Want to make things personal for your clients?

Add your face. No, not just pictures.

Add gifs! Done.

At Sodium Halogen, William (founder) encrouaged me to use animated gifs to help make our emails stand out to our clients. I have taken that advice and stepped it up a few levels.

I make my own.

My hope is to keeps my emails fun and personal for the people that help pay for my talents. Here is how I stand out in the sea of emails, no matter where I’m working from.

Here is my Top 10 Gif Collection for 2014 and how I use them.

Client: “Great Job!” Me: “Thank you. Insert cool thumbs here. #gif” chance smith gif cool thumbs

Me: "If you need anything I'll be down here. #gif" ![chance smith down here gif](
Me: "Until next time. I lend you my thumbs. #gif" ![chance smith double thumbs gif](
Me: "Have a good weekend, bye. #gif" ![chance smith see you later gif](
Client: "Chance, can you fix this bug on our website?" Me: "You bet! Boom! Kill it. :) #gif" ![chance smith website bug killer](
Me: "Ok...yes, website is launched. High5? #gif" ![chance smith high5](
Client: "Chance, help!" Me: "I'm on it! #gif" ![chance smith on it](
Me: "Wait...wait. Ok, I'm awake. Good morning! :) #gif" ![chance smith wake up](
Me: "Get excited. We are launching your site tomorrow. Spin with me! #gif" ![alt](
Me: "I need content. Please oh please! #gif" ![chance smith please](
For those of you that would like to see the full collection. Boom! -->

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