Project My Sales App

by Chance Smith


After a new logo and a little php to handle the math I wanted to share this solution with others. At a local franchise, I wanted to get the manager to see where the store could be at the end of the month, and if (s)he could keep the same pace. The ability to see your current pace and keep that pace is the result of diligence.

If you want to reach your biggest goals you must be able to keep a pace and always aim higher. You are leaving a legacy for your store whether you like it or not.

The Goal

To only have one entry to produce projection for the month.

project my sales

Simple Math To Project Sales

To give the projection for the month you have to average the sales per day by the past days of the current month. Once you have the average sales for a day, then multiply by how many days there are in the current month. This will give you your potential or the month.

Yesterday or Today Options

There is an optional dropdown box with the default value of Yesterday. This helps if your total sales number is from yesterday’s sales or if it includes sales from today.

Additional Results

This ‘web app calculator’ helps also show the average per day and possibility per year if the average per day & month staid the same.

project my sales results example


I know the math for the projection is simple. Yet, this is much faster if you have the link available and just want to see where you might be at the end of the year.