Gift Match App - One page app to match gifts for giving

by Chance Smith


I’ve posted a lot of web applications I’ve made from this year, and meant to spread them out a little more. Yet, it’s Christmas and this just matched so well. #dadJoke

Problem to solve

My uncle Lance asked for a application that took a list of people and mixed-matched them into a list that could be shared.

It took me two or three years to get to it, but I finally took the time to play with the idea.

Introduction to app

It’s a simple app that takes a list of peoples names and mix-matches them. The plus is, the matched list is created without any single person being used more than once on either side.

After you add people to the list and match them togethor, you can share the list with whoever you wish to. Just a little copy and pasting and you’re off. Off to your next party with a gift for the right person, because everyone has the smae list, even you.

gift match app


Either use it or play with the code yourself: