Why great bosses want you on their team

by Chance Smith

And why most people are scared to get in your way.


You look like, work like and maybe smell like you love what you do. Ok, maybe not smell, but you ooze energy. You show how jazzed you are about the results you bring everyday.

goal setter/achiever

You know how to win and seek possibilities to win.


You are always looking to improve and grow. You are a sponge.


There is no question as to how you will respond when there is something to be done. There is no worry as to what you will and won’t tackle while the owner is away at a speaking gig.


You do whatever it takes to kill something and drag it home. You’re a go-getter. You don’t take no as an answer, and are always trying for a better way to help the business and your position.


You are always showing the team how you are winning. Not only can you rock at your position, but you also teach others how to do it. This makes you a two trick pony, having the skills to learn and teach.

On A Personal Note

I have been told at least three times in the past two weeks that I don’t have an, “off button.” I’m very proud of this trait, but it is possibly one of my down fails too. Yet, I do think my drive helps my ability to impress by bosses, clients, and myself.

How do you impress yourself?