5 Ways To Create Urgency In Your Product or Service

by Chance Smith

I have a new project in the works and it’s based on a physical product. I’m thinking of different stream of revenue, and this topic of urgency hit me. I figured others could benefit from this brainstorm.

All of the following are on ideas to create urgency based on the principle of being honest and upfront with all of my customers. My goal is to be transparent, like I am here on my blog. None of that shady stuff, okay? Here we go.

Maybe you just want the TLDR version. Yeah, really short!

limited edition

Only create a few. Only service a few.

set a time limit

Almost like an expiration date on the ability to order. This would work great for pre-orders.

increase price by units sold

Raise your price one dollar for every twelve sold.

increase price over a limited period of time

Raise the price every quarter.

combine any of the above

What if you only made 10,000 widgets, and you increase the price every month for a year.

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