April 2015 - Smoothie King Marketing Campaign

by Chance Smith

This campaign was focused on increasing awareness of our retail while promoting our smoothies. Every customer that comes in gets a sample of a energy drink, protein bar, or some Smoothie King snack.

The goal of the art work to reveal just enough information to peak the audiences interest, while also letting them save the day in their calendars.

The event was April 22nd, 2015.

We offered $1 small Angel Food smoothies from 7-9am and this a ton of retail samples.


With some help of a template to speed up the artwork, here are the images we used in the campaign on Facebook and Twitter:

Three days Before Launch we posted images like this:

Campaign Results

This was depressing. SK has 278 likes on Facebook and we only reach a little over 400 people with the posts. This makes Facebook’s effort evident of how they are monetizing the eyeballs (attention) of their users. If businesses want any attention of their likers, they’ll have to pay for it.

I agree with Facebook’s path, but I personally haven’t a first hand experience on how far they had come.

Event Results

We had 15 people come for $1 smalls. #palmToForehead

Lessons Learned

1 - Let your customers know about upcoming events first hand. Don’t rely any digital platform do all of the talking. We should have all put in some effort to spread the word.

2 - Consistency is prince. If content is king, and conversion is queen, consistency is prince. Did I take that too far?

We feel our biggest failure might have been that we were not promoting anything on a regular basis. There was no repetition of marketing for any customer to look out for.

3 - Keep going. Go ahead and schedule the next events.

Accomplishments made

1 - Something done. It’s not that the event was a wash, but that we had an event we could learn from. This event is a plus-one for experience added.

2 - Teamwork. We all put our heads together on what would make the event the best it could be. We had thirty smoothies ready and four team members on the clock. Let’s just say, we were prepared. We at least had some practice on how to prepare for this kind of event.