Use sketches to communicate with your team

by Chance Smith

Working with the team at Sodium Halogen, I get to see their Designtific Method at work.

Pencils then Pixels approach

This being SH’s third step in the process,it doesn’t take a full colored design to convey an idea. Nothing needs to be pixel perfect to share a layout of an app or new feature of a website.

Sketching helps keep things simple. A pencil or sharpie to paper is perfect for demonstrating a digital strategy. This helps keep your audience or customer on track.

Don’t start with color palette

Progress can be made without having to decide on the palette or placement of color. These elements get in the way of the initial strategy or layout being sketched.

(a sketch from a Sodium Halogen project by David Dickerson)

sodium halogen sketch

Some color is helpful to show a level of importance

We’ll use Copic markers (amazon) on areas that lead to action from the user, or just need to catch the eye.

What if I don’t design or build websites or apps?

If you want better communication with your team, this method is still for you. Getting your ideas out of your head, for your team to see, has a mighty impact on what everyone else perceives.

What if you’re trying to communicate a new type of furniture you want the break area. Everyone may be thinking CHAIR or BENCH, when you actually mean STOOL.

Your team only knows what you tell and show them. Again, maybe a sketch is worth 500 more concise words.

Breakout the sharpie and paper and share what’s in your head.

But I can’t draw!

That’s not true. If you really believe that, buy this book (also on amazon), now. You’ll even learn how to take more memorable and exciting notes. It’s possible. I promise!

Want to see a sketch in action?

On the Sodium Halogen site I posted a Lab Note showing what this step in the process looks like. Check it out!