Daily Routines - small simple bites to achieve the goals we set

by Chance Smith

Making progress every single day. To look back 90 days and see a good record of effort and a ton of work done, that would be awesome!

After reading “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy (a must read), it was clear that I needed to be more consistent with my actions for reaching the goals I had set. With this new year I want to reach my goals. I want to stay focused. I want this to be the best year yet.

Focus…that means I need to keep my goals front of mind. I need to review them. I need a system.

I needed to stop drifting and to stop being so drivin.

| “Drifing and being drivin both lead to burnout” - Michael Hyatt

Routines can help with this. For us to succeed we’ll need routines that will be simple and rewarding. Let’s do it! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

Daily Routines


  • drink 2 glasses of water (16oz)
  • workout
  • pray & meditate
  • read bible
  • stretch
  • read
  • review today’s goals

Workday start

  • water & tea on desk
  • charge my watch
  • write (jounral, blog post, ideas, share progress)
  • review/reply-to emails
  • review/revise tasks (Asana)

Workday end

  • review/reply to any last minute emails
  • tidy up tasks for tomorrow (Asana)
  • write (jounral, blog post, ideas, share progress)
  • clean desk & Mac desktop
  • text Molly I’m on my way home from theCO


  • review yearly/weekly goals
  • set goals for tomorrow
  • read
  • teeth
  • 16oz of water down the hatch
  • pray

Here’s my rough draft before typing and ordering: chance's rough rituals

Wrap up

My overarching goals are to: read more 📚, share progress 🎤, more fit 💪, and more focused 👀.

I was able to make these routines by listing out the items I wanted to make progress on everyday.

I’m excited about 2018 and hoping to make it fun and memorable. Here we go…day one.

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