Get Hired: from Zero to Hero in One Blog Post

by Chance Smith

If we haven’t met, I’m Chance. My superpower is revealing value. Looking for the best opportunity to level-up in work and life.

I’ve had 15 jobs, started businesses, and partnered with others. I taught myself computer programming only later to go to college for further learning. I’ve built systems for growing teams and love my work.

Not a conventional path, and with this experience I’d like to help you level-up faster.

Let’s say, you already know your goals and have found the gig of your dreams. I want to help you get to the work you love. That’s why you are here. To get hired. Now let’s shine some light on your value.

What if I haven’t found work I love?

You need to keep looking. You need to keep trying to find the work where time flys for you. Seriously! Go! Leave this page and start trying and experimenting with new skills and trades, but just don’t switch jobs for decades.

Should I keep reading this?

Yes, if you know what you love to do, ready to get great at it, and are looking for a workplace to start putting your roots down.

You can work at a company, freelance, or start your own company. You’re still in the right place.

Keep reading if you’re thinking these things:

  • I want to be happy at home and work.
  • I believe I have great value, but I just need direction and guidance.
  • I’m not one that settles. I want to grow and become great!

Let’s Get Started: Just give me the mental models

A TL;DR of sorts. If you are like me, you’re ready for the actionable parts. These are what I do and recommend.

  1. Go to war with a multitude of counselors.
  2. Clarity comes from activity.
  3. WE is greater than ME.
  4. A body in motion stays in motion.
  5. Keep your toolbelt loaded with tools.

Let me give examples…

  1. Get monthly a coach. - For $25-300/month, get a coach monthly to help you plan, strategize, and stay focused.
  2. Create and Present. - Make one long-term and many short-term projects that add value. You need to practice and do drills for your craft. Always show your work as you go.
  3. Be social. - Don’t work alone. Team up with others. Internship or job-shadow. Do lunch with people outside your close circle. You need to build relationships.
  4. Exercise and Stretch. - Your body and brain need it.
  5. Find resources. - Find the tools and people that can help you level-up and expose your value. All the above still apply as such resources.

I need a job I love. What’s the first step?

You need to find a company that does the work you love. Find out about the problems they need solutions for. Then, show them you are that solution. You need to take a diagnosis role and figure out what the problem is. Ask questions.

The goal. You want to give them an offer they can’t refuse, right!?

You - “Hey, I’m excited about what you guys are doing. The [service/product] is great. What is the next milestone or goal?”

You - “What is the best approach for reaching that goal?”

You - “Do you see any roadblocks? What might prevent you from reaching that goal?”

Then, you will know their weak link. That weak link will be your foot in the door.

I did this exact thing without even knowing. I went home and worked 5-7 hours on a solution and surprised them with my progress.

Companies and owners reward those that think big, take ownership of the work, and try new ways. If the company or boss you work for doesn’t encourage or accept experimentation and ownership-thinking, get the crap out!

I have a job I love. What’s next?

Awesome! You are ready to level up. You need to start thinking like an owner or a partner now.

Get Re-Hired Everyday: Improve the Foyer

It’s just like the above when you need a job. Now you are thinking about how do I get this job every day.

Most likely what gets you hired has a wow-facter. Keep that wow-factor going.

You should always be looking for the most visible impact for the company and your customers.

How do I standout?

The water is deep and the pool is large. It’s time to crush the competition.

I believe taking action on the sections above will make you outstanding, but let’s list some examples.

What will make you impressive and stand out?

You need to think about what you can do every day to make it easy, almost effortless, to grow. These apply to the mental models I mentioned earlier. Make yourself more interesting. You have a lifetime to build quite the collection.

  • Schedule 3 lunches with different people every week.
  • Listen to audiobooks in the car. I do this during my 4 min drives to work/home.
  • Go do something just for a great story. (skydive, unicycle, hike, late-night doughnut run with friends)
  • Wake up earlier than most. It’s easy to stay up late and sleep in.
  • Make videos of your craft: ideas, problems, and solutions.

Really! What is next?

Dude! Stop reading this or re-read it. You need to take action.