Hire Me! Guide and Tools to Enter the Work You Love

by Chance Smith

Today I'm early releasing the Hire-Me Kit. A collection: email template, email example, and a video for interns. There will be updates along the way.

After a big career switch from restaurant/retail to creative and software work, I've experienced a role. Also, I've conducted hundreds of interviews and hires. Over my career, I've have collected a fine-tuned way of getting hired.

We are often aware of our wants, but rarely know what the next step is to getting reach those goals. When it comes to getting a job, our mental patterns are:

  • "I'm not ready just yet."
  • "They(company) aren't ready to hire now"
  • "I'm not skilled enough."
  • "That company isn't hiring."
  • "We're in a rough economy, I'll just wait."
  • "I don't have anything to offer that company."
  • "I have no experience. There is no way..."
  • "I don't have a profile of work."
  • "Just one more can of Pringles."
  • "I'll just send my resume and cover letter."
  • "Just one more Netflix/Hulu/Prime episode."
  • "The company doesn't have any jobs posted."
  • "This video game sure is fun."

Oh, stop it! You are great. You might need to improve. Don't we all. With this kit, I'll show you how you can standout with what you have and where you are.

Please don't buy this toolkit if you aren't ready to back this up with some hard work. No one wants to hire a great interview-actor.

Please purchase this toolkit if you are excited about a company or gig and ready to show off. 💪

It's not just a toolkit, but a mental model. ...A different way of thinking.

For those that see a job and are ready to dive in, this toolkit is for you.

Pre-Order the Hire Me! Kit

p.s. As always, there’s a 100% guarantee — request a full refund and you’ll get it, no questions asked.