Focus: Hotels Start At Zero

by Chance Smith

You arrive up to your floor in the hotel to your room.

You notice the table right before you when the elevator door opens.

This wooden Fourier table is practically empty. Simply decorated. The surface is clear, a clean slate, and uncomplicated to appreciate.

Fourier Table

You appreciate the design but also the lack of clutter and mess. This clean surface isn’t demanding anything of you or anyone.

Then you walk into your hotel room.

Clean surfaces.

There are no clothes to put away. There is no bed to make. There are no trinkets to organize.

The environment matches the pictures on the hotel’s website. It reminds you of photos from resorts and real estate websites. These images scream…

“There is way less to do here than where you are.”

I’ll be shocked if you have ever thought a moderate hotel, or better, needs a little clutter.

The point is

You can have this where ever you are.
Restart a surface to zero.
Box it all up and find out later what you need to add back.