Exploring: Native App Testing with Maestro

by Chance Smith

TL;DR: Maestro is a tool for testing native apps. You simply write tests in a YAML file

Native app testing is challenging

After many attempts of testing with Cavy and Detox. I had basicly given up on E2E testing, specificly for our React Native projects.

I did have success last year with Detox and mocking the API with MirageJS (mock server). But it was a lot of work to setup and I don’t have a lot of experience adding tests to the project. So I was looking for something that was easier to setup and use.

I will say, these tools have had time improve and I should definitely give them another try sometime.

Maestro is awesome

Then I found Maestro, a tool for testing native apps. You simply write tests in a YAML file. It’s similar to Cucumber, but for native apps.

This is the first flow I made today.


The YAML look like this:

appId: host.exp.Exponent
# needed to open app in expo
- openLink: exp://
- assertVisible: "A Strategy Toolkit"
- tapOn: "Story Building (beta)"

- assertVisible: "Tutorial"
- tapOn: "Let's Go"

It’s very easy to write and understand. I can see this being a great tool us to continue use.

What helped me get started?

Since I was testing a expo app, this repo by Alexander Hodes was very helpful. It has many examples and a good starting point.

Current questions I have

I need to go through the docs more, but here are some questions I have.

How do I copy the value of the text in a button?

How do I check the value inside of the input field to compare with what I’ve copied?

Is it best practice to have one test file that runs all single flow files?