Better understand your next steps

by Chance Smith

Next7 is to note your next seven: months, days, tasks.

Seven months, days, and tasks give you the horizon down to your feet. You’ll know your next steps and where you’re heading.

Next7 shows if you have a plan.

Seven could be any number, but planning too far out is guessing. Planning too close hidesyour desired outcome. Seven is a good balance.

Write out your Next7 when you feel distracted. Ask for your Next7 if you need help understanding the plan.


Here’s what it looks like.

7 Months: Launch MVP in 2 months and finish Feature D and F

7 Days: Get the iOS app in Alpha release

7 Tasks:

  1. Fix the login bug
  2. finish feature C

If you do this once a month or each week, you can get feedback to ensure you’re heading in the right direction.

Next Step

Write out your Next7 and share it with the team.

The point is

It’s easier to edit than create. So, plan a little. Carve out your next few tasks and get to it. Sharing this practice with your team will help you get feedback and stay on track.