by Chance Smith

What is pairing?

Pairing is the practice of two people working together on a single task. This collaboration spreads knowledge about tools, workflows, and project-specific information. Yes, only one task is being completed, but the information is disseminated amongst your team, and decisions are made together.

When should I pair?

Don’t pair 100% of the time. Pair to:

  1. Train or skill-up team members.
  2. Make decisions about something new. Two brains solving a new problem.
  3. Uniformize how we work.

A Zero entry pool zone

There is no pressure to perform. We’re going to figure this out together and make decisions together.

Follow the practice

  1. Break up the work into small steps together.
  2. Trade the driver’s seat with a rhythm using a timer or a new task.
  3. Have the navigator be responsible for the timer, giving permission to interrupt to change seats.
  4. Aim to uniformize how we work and think when we’re on our own.
  5. Work out loud: Give commentary on your thoughts. Share what you’re thinking as you go.

First day of pairing

  • Both are typing in the first hour.
  • Sound collaborative by asking questions. “What if we…?” or “How might we…?”
  • Make decisions and take breaks together.

💻 Tips for developers

  • PR early and often.
  • Commit early and often.
  • Trade the driver’s seat with a rhythm (timer, feature, failed test).
  • Setup for remote pairing

⚡️ Tips for Creatives

Outline and write together. Switch on adding to or editing sections.

🎨 Tips for Designers

Nothing yet.