by Chance Smith

What is pairing?

Pairing is the practice of two people working together on a single task. This collaboration spreads knowledge about tools, workflows, and project-specific information. Yes, only one task is being completed, but the information is disseminated amongst your team, and decisions are made together.

When should I pair?

Don’t pair 100% of the time. Pair to:

  1. Train or skill-up team members.
  2. Make decisions about something new. Two brains solving a new problem.
  3. Uniformize how we work.

A Zero entry pool zone

There is no pressure to perform. We’re going to figure this out together and make decisions together.

Follow the practice

  • Trade the driver’s seat with a rhythm using a timer or a new task.
  • Have the navigator be responsible for the timer, giving permission to interrupt to change seats.
  • Aim to uniformize how we work and think when on our own.
  • Work out loud: Give commentary on your thoughts. Share what you’re thinking as you go.

First day of pairing

  • Both are typing in the first hour.
  • Sound collaborative by asking questions. “What if we…?” or “How might we…?”
  • Make decisions and take breaks together.

💻 Tips for developers

  • PR early and often.
  • Commit early and often.
  • Trade the driver’s seat with a rhythm (timer, feature, failed test).
  • Setup for remote pairing

⚡️ Tips for Creatives

Outline and write together. Switch on adding to or editing sections.

🎨 Tips for Designers

Nothing yet.