Past Work

On-site or remote, these are projects and the role I played. Please email me at for us to collaborate on your project.

Envie | TeamWALT, a Southern Bank Initiative

2020 | mobile-app | consultant

Building a mobile app to encourage creating a habit of savings by playing the envelope game everyday.

Envie | TeamWALT, a Southern Bank Initiative example screenshot


2020 | web-app | consultant

Building a JavaScript web app for visualizing device inventory on a network. Watch the app demo.

Sevco example screenshot


2019 | mobile-app | developer

Building an iOS game as an ice breaker for small groups to get to know each other. Watch the app demo.

Business Outcome: 🏆 App of the Day in 2022

FunFact example screenshot

Synapase | The Vertex Project

2019 | web-app | developer

Building a complex JavaScript web app for data analysts to visualize data they query from a forcegraph into maps, tables, and nodes. Watch the app demo.

Synapase | The Vertex Project example screenshot

Kontakt Mission USA

2016 | website | developer

A Wordpress theme from scratch + customizations for an non-profit organization to help Germany.