Pull Request Guidelines

by Chance Smith

Here are the guidelines we follow when making PRs.

  1. branch off main (don’t push to main)
  2. keep PRs small (Primagen says to keep PRs down to 150 lines youtube)
  3. one review before you squash-merge into main
  4. In PR notes, comment on code changes to give in-line context
  5. use a template for all to follow: purpose, changes, screenshot. (see below)
## Purpose of PR
<!-- What this PR does in 1-2 sentences. If it can't fit in 1-2 sentences, the PR may be changing too much (no big deal, try to keep commits and PRs short next time!) -->

## Changes Made
<!-- Bulleted list of all the changes this PR introduces -->

## Screenshots
<!-- Please provide any relevant screenshots or videos. (Loom is a great choice) -->