Repeat a Song

by Chance Smith

UPDATED: 5/10/2023 - new song

It’s true, I repeat the same song over and over. My longest run I believe is 3 months (12 weeks). I’ll only do this when I’m working on a development project or project management work. Otherwise, I’ll listen to nothing or white noise.

It’s not just me

I found recently that Tools of Titans by Timothy Ferriss talks about this being a productivity hack. So, I’m not alone in finding this method of productivity.

Fun fact: I don’t know the lyrics

When I’m listening, I am enjoying the rythum and can say most of the lyrics as it plays, but I don’t remember any lyrics or the name of the song.

The list

So, I’d thought I’d recall, record, and share the songs.

Here is a list of songs I’ve repeated over the years:

  1. Decode by Paramore (learning HTML, JS, CSS 2008, 2008)
  2. so many songs in between
  3. Too Close by Alex Clare (2013)
  4. Lights cover by Melanie Martinez (2015)
  5. Trampoline by Shaed (2019)
  6. The Search by NF (2021)
  7. Hideaway by Jacob Collier (2021)
  8. Billie Eilish - James bond song, amoung many others
  9. Coheed and Cambria - many songs
  10. No Name by NF (2022 - 2 Months)
  11. Cut My Fingers Off by Ethan Bortnick (2023)
  12. Let Em Pray by NF (Lifeway comms-center project 4/7/23 - 5/5/2023)
  13. Suffice by NF (Lifeway comms-center project 5/5/2023 - present) 🎧