Collaboration Part 3: Space for Others

by Chance Smith

Starting with Sounding Collaborative, a series of small posts, the goal is to be more collaborative by changing our words to sound less definitive and allowing space for others.

Space for our team means we’re less focused on ME and instead ready to surface the hard work of those we support.

Here are a few ways we can practice making space for others.

1. Stop hovering, and ask questions to set expectations.

“You’re working on X and think you’ll finish in a couple of weeks. When can we sync up again? Tomorrow EOD?”

2. Set goals

Set individual goals that align with their gifts so we’re all progressing. Best to do these quarterly as a part of the time and work they’re already doing.

3. Give credit in public

“Hey, team, a win with week was what Emily worked on. She knocked it out of the park. (then get specific).”

The point is

Making space for others allows your team to work autonomously, step into their gifts and get due credit and recognition.

You might be thinking, “Wait! Autonomy? I thought we were trying to dial up the collaboration, not send people back to their island.”

We can talk about that tomorrow.