Testing Guides

by Chance Smith

Here are some quick thoughts about writing tests that I hear a lot.

These help us test the right things and have more confience without needing 100% coverage.

Testing Guides

Mental models for when and how to create tests. These give your team confience while still having time for work and a positive impact on your business goals.

  1. keep your frontend really dumb, abstract the logic and test that part
  2. don’t test what you don’t own
  3. start with a failing test, then go pass it
  4. test the expectations of the software given by your customer and end-user
  5. write just enough of a failing test, and then write just enough code to pass the test, and repeat
  6. don’t let the tests get in the way of creating features
  7. don’t let the bugs repeat by adding a test first
  8. don’t go for gold first
  9. first test if you got nothin, and then test for the unexpected
  10. testing is designing, documenting, and validating how the function will be used

[last updated: 01/26/2023]

Do you struggle writing tests, but see the benefits? Reach out with questions on Twitter, LinkedIn, or by email. I’d love to help.