Push Up A WIP

by Chance Smith

If you’re new to WIP, it means Work In Progress. A WIP can be a working draft or any progress made.

You might have a WIP folder or file on your computer. These are the places you designate where work gets done. You’ve given yourself a task, and progress has begun. Noice!

Now, how long do we go without others looping someone else in?
How long should we isolate our work?
10 mins or 10 days?

Yes, it might depend on what you’re working on, but in most cases, we could agree on being somewhere between minutes and days.

It depends on the progress made. If you’re stuck, sync up with someone. If much has been accomplished, push up a WIP.

Deep work is essential, the non-distracted time heads-down brow sweating over important information and details.

Showing your progress is also essential. The sooner your progress is accessible to the team you’ve disseminated your ideas, potential roadblocks, and utmost your progress (bus-co).

In the spirit of working out loud, getting these WIPs off your machine and out of your head are a big win for you and your team. Push up a WIP if you switch tasks, take a break, or end your day.

The point is

Refrain from hoarding your progress.
Push up your WIPs.
Let others see what you’re doing.
Let others have the opportunity to help and weigh in.

The worst case is you get feedback, giving you the opportunity to improve. I hope you take that feedback and check later on your improvement.

“Iron sharpens iron, and one person sharpens another.” - Proverbs 27:17 CBS