Javascript Fundamentals Workshop

Javascript Fundamentals Workshop with Chance

$150 – 3 hour workshop
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Take someone with no knowledge of computer programming and get them started with JavaScript

Geared for 12-17 and 18+ year olds that have great imaginations, like figuring out how things work, or just love technology. This workshop will introduce them to basic programming concepts—no prior experience is needed.

Interested in learning to program?

Do you want to build apps or solve problems using technology?

JavaScript can get you there. It’s:

  • the most ubiquitous programming language around
  • the foundation of popular frameworks like React and Angular
  • what gives the ability for web pages to interact

The Workshop

Hi, I’m Chance Smith! In this workshop, I’ll help you build a foundation in JavaScript. We will start out with common parts in JavaScript, build up to variables and functions, and finally use GitHub Pages to put your code on the web. Please email me at if you have questions at all.

By the end of the workshop, you will:
  • be able to write common statements and expressions
  • use variables, conditionals, loops, and functions to execute operations
  • have something running on the world wide web
  • be equipped with the tools you need to keep learning and building JavaScript applications


  • JavaScript statements and expressions
  • Code comments
  • JavaScript’s common types: string, boolean, number, undefined, and null
  • Operators, Conditionals, and Variables
  • Loops and Functions
  • Functions
  • JavaScript’s main data structures: objects and arrays
  • Using Netlify to put your code on the web


  • A computer with an internet connection and Google Chrome installed
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