Top 5 Learnings from EntreLeadership

by Chance Smith

EntreLeadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] read the book over a longer period of time than I would have liked, but finished it last month. The reason being, it is very dense.

Warning: Do Not Buy This Book if You do Not Plan to Act! Dave Ramsey has packaged this information especially well and I can’t wait to break out the book again next year for a second time through.

I might have to post the next five things I learned in 6 months. I already could have changed this to the 267 things I learned but I will save your time since my focus is productivity.

To the point. If you are ready to show everybody, including yourself, what you are really made of, this is the book for you. If you also are ready to bring your leadership and business to a new height and don’t know where to start, there are two steps:

  • Step 1: Quit trying to fix everyone else first! Take huge huge HUGE deep breath and work on you!
  • Step 2: After the deep breath…buy this book.

    Now, my point is not to spoil the gold nuggets of this treasure, but I want to share something that you can apply today. Enjoy and tell me what you think of the book. I would love to hear form you! Cheers!

Top Five from: EntreLeadership.

  • The amount of character you have will determine whether your team is going to prosper or fail. Break open your integrity and see where you stand with leading a team. You can’t get your team to be better than you and expect yourself to stay in your own business. If you think you can lie to your CFO and then desire the truth, from her, about your company your expectations won’t ever match up with her performance. The people you are leading will mock, imitate, learn, follow, and believe everything you do and say.  You write the checks and they are just going to do whatever it takes to keep their butt in the cubical and make you happy. A team is just a great as it’s leader! How great are we and are we working to be better for our teams?
  • Great things come from large amounts of great effort. You can’t be inconsistent or you will have an inconsistant income and team. You can’t to half but work in the kitchen and expect a great cake as a result!
  • Give your team a list to win by. Not a list that they have to do or a job description, but how that can succeed! If you were to paint a picture of each team member winning at there position , what would it look like? Could they look at that list and say, “Yeah! I get what you mean and I now know how to win and increase my income. Thanks!” A team member can wither fumble through papers, meetings, clients calls, or task, but he has no personal direction if can’t see what winning looks like. My Personal Tip: When I made my list, for my team and managers, I used a date of starting and a date of which to accomplish the goals. That means you have to set goals that can be measured and/or completed by a date give them.
  • If you want to be better you need a personal growth plan. John Maxwell talks a lot about this. Set goals for yourself regularly. My Personal Tip: Depending on the kind of person you are or how long you have been writing goals, you might what to start off short term. Aim for a set of goals in the areas that Dave talks about to be completed in a week. Then next week do the same thing but add some goals that you want completed in two weeks. This is not where you plan your whole life but to where you start taking control of it.
  • I honestly feel I am not giving you the whole package here by just mentioning five points, but I will leave this rest up to Dave himself. The last point that I have rolled over every part of what I do is this. Everyone is in a sales position. From your marriage  church, work, and friends. Where you want to go for dinner is a sale. Or what is best for the company. Everything we talk about to others is a perspective of our own to sell to another. Sales is also where the money is. Start selling!