Leadership: She is Still Here?

by Chance Smith

“No, really! She is still here?”

“I don’t care if Lucy’s sales numbers are great! She came in late twice, left early yesterday, and she spends more time on her phone than my teenager does in front of the TV!”

At this point there are two things that mostly will happen:

  1.  Gossip about you will begin.
  2. Your good players are going to see themselves out the front door.
In my personal experience I know one indicator for knowing when I am not doing my job, when people are talking about me behind my back. I have to keep the team accountable daily and I am included in my team. We function as a whole and I'm here to help them get the things done that is needed.

Therefore, if I let someone slide by with anything, without at lest a conversation following the incident, it will be deemed acceptable behavior. I am also not helping the team if I let this stink go on without a cleanup. It’s time to pick up your business responsibilities and start digging like you want everyone else to dig. Model what you want! If you want hard workers you need to be a harder worker than they are. Most important they need to see you working hard in plain site. Next time you build or renovate your office space, go for glass doors (not walls).

Glass doors can be like a unproductively or idleness firewall.

When my greater team members get a whiff of me not doing anything about “Lucy”, they see there is no accountability and it’s over soon there after. They will go some where else. As I am sure you know, the good ones are hard to find. They don’t hoover over your website waiting for you to post a job. They are out trying to find something to kill. Your bread winners don’t stick around where leadership is failing. They know the business will go down with it. They are looking for success or growing leaders and businesses that are moving.

So, it’s time to talk to Lucy and start helping her keeping herself accountable. If that doesn’t work you can help her out the door. Now that is service! Leadership service!

Keep your personal growth on a steady incline! If you aren’t learning your business will be burning.

Have you ever had a “Lucy” in the office? What was your action or What did your leader do?