Digesting this: Series

by Chance Smith

Could it be that I have read over 150 Non-Fiction books in the past 5-6 years?

It’s sad. I don’t remember much about them. I may have applied something from my collection or taught something. Now getting into the internet information blog consumption, I have no freaking clue how much I have read on the inter webs. $25 book after book, magazines, websites, blogs, speakers, radio, audio books, and podcasts. Oh my! What a waste! I have spent so much time and money with only a few chopped up trees on my shelf and nothing in my head to show for it. Well compared to whats written on those pages I feel like I know nothing near what I should know.

No more! My life is to short to read every book. I want to be more productive and intentional with what I am consuming. If I am going to read a book I am going to do it the way any author would love. I am going to sift and ”digest this” book. I can’t learn it if I don’t study it. My next goal is to apply it! It feels weird becoming a spokes person for someone else’s book and not your own content and dream. At least from  my entrepreneurial mind it is weird. Yet, my hopes are to dig into my books of choice to gain perspective and knowledge. With perspective and knowledge in leadership and running a business I hope to turn it into action>>experience>>wisdom.

“Digest This” plan:

  1. One book to completion. - No more mixing of material
  2. Read a chapter once then take notes, highlight, and underline.
  3. Listen to chapter twice on audio book. - Take additional notes if not driving. Dangerous.
  4. Review notes
  5. Change chapter
  6. Repeat step 2 - 6 till complete
  7. New Book
Do you feel the same way about your information gorging? Have you ever done a information diet?