Required Excellence is Rewarded?

by Chance Smith

I had one of my managers ask me a question last week. “Could we give a reward for the team members that do their tasks perfectly?”

NO WAY! That is the worst idea you have ever ever had!

I was nicer than that. I promise. Yet, I was taken aback. Let me catch you up to what I mean.

I don’t give incentives for what is required and neither should you. Therefore it would be silly to give a bonus for doing what is required with excellence.

Would you pay your child more if she got her homework done every night? Would you pay her to clean her room? I surely hope not. They are supposed to do those things as being apart of the family. You are fead, bathed, and under a roof everyday. I personally should have not had any further expectations.

You should not give incentives for excellence in the required
Now until I got a job I received an allowance. I got $10 a week for a clean room.  I feel I learned that doing required tasks well was the key to success. Instead , maybe I should have been taught that when you make something better, learn something new, or help someone in need you can make a income. After it's all said and done though I wish I had done more academic things for income. I know how to clean a room now because of my handsom allowance, but I think I would have learned more by studying for cash. I had a hard time in school and that made things at home rough. I was either earning cash for my talent in room cleaning or I was earning LESS pressure if I did well in school. I chose the former and got a job over great grades. I feel like now doing chores was what I was taught to earn income. I wasn't taught to make things better or learn great new things. It's true that one can make a income by doing their work with excellence. But the ones that make the big mucks do the following:  They...
  1. Do something beyond their responsibilities
  2. Solve a problem or fulfill a need.
  3. Educate themselves in a study to be better
Do you give a carrot for excellence in the required? or Do you find more logical to give merits to those that can raise the bar?