Building Motivation Muscles for Purpose

by Chance Smith

Welcome to the new year! The big 2013. Knowing that another year has past there is always a growing passion to do better this year. There isn’t a huge shift in our lives on the 1st of January but we all are touched to innovate our situation. We want to make a change and finally show who we can be. We see this new year a turning point. It motivates us!

Motivation. Now that we can feel a little spark in our lives again let us get after what matters. We aren’t just motivated for motivation but we are motivated to be successful. So what makes a successful person now that the replenishment of motivation has once again returned?

You need to find your purpose This is no easy task to complete. This takes trial and error weighed against lots of action. As you may know my way through life starts with logic and lists. I need to know the routes to take and let me decipher from there. I recommend trying the following and answering the questions.

  • Read Proverbs and Ecclesiastes from the Bible. - Very short reads with great insight on wisdom. Wisdom leads to better paths and great decision making. I read a chapter of these two books every morning after my feet hit the ground.
  • Volunteer your time in an area that your are skilled. A level of purpose comes through you serving others. Responsibly give the little you have and you will find you will receive more than you could have stolen or struggled for.
  • Find a problem. Find a solution. Create a plan. Help to solve. This is where you mind will find creativity and excitement. You need to workout this creative muscle. Most likely where you find the problem you will find a area your purpose will fit.
  • Answer these questions after you have done the above:
    • You were created for a purpose. So what do you need to accept about yourself to accomplish your purpose? (Why are you holding yourself back?)
    • What tasks do others tell you you are great at or thank you often for?
    • Are you doing work that is "thank you" worthy? Are you giving excellence in what you are doing?
    • Are your friends always encouraging you to grow? Should you change friends?
    • What are you learning now? Your purpose will arrive when you do. Your purpose will begin to grow when you decide to.

Help the reader:  What is it that you do to find your purpose or happiness in life? What brings you closer to your purpose?