Tackle Yourself First: Forge the Confident You

by Chance Smith

Tackle Yourself First: Be intentional about your success. When you make the smallest attempt to feel better, look better, or be better… you will! With the best intentions, you can fake it until you make it!

  • Diet-  (No coke for a week, no eating-out for a month)- We all relate healthier decisions to better/smarter decisions. We are aiming for a successful feeling! Those efforts lead to more successful actions and more success feelings. See the pattern?
  • Sleep (scheduled times, 8-9 hours) - I find that I wake up so much happier when am doing something productive, exciting, or anything I am passionate about. Late night TV or Games kills my next-morning energy. Get a steady amount of sleep and focus on your passion.
  • Hygiene (shave, nails, clean haircut) You could just put on a nice button down and jeans. Make a effort to clean yourself up so you can stand confident in the mirror. Confidence doesn't waste the night away but it creates oppurtunities for more confidence.
  • Fitness (stretch, walk, run, lift....) Clear your mind with a little sweat detox. Hit the gym like you can bottle up your sweat and sell it for cash. Get out of the house and move around a little.
Change is how you get better results. The old ways work right? Maybe it's time to try to find an older way! Please don't apply this to your hygiene. :) Just stick with the basics. Keep yourself simple!

The idea is to investigate a better way and then try a different route if you aren’t getting results.

Your failed attempts are overlooked if you’re giving it everything you have.