Feed the Bear and You Will Know Your Limits

by Chance Smith

Feeding a bear? Now that sounds fun! I am scheduling a trip this year if you would like to join me. There is a signup form at the bottom for the “Bare Hand Bear Feeding” trip. Hope to see you there(sarcasm).

Maybe you are the person we all want to be and have done such a daring task and can live to write the tale(please leave your story in the comments). Yet, for the rest of us, that is a monumental moment of confidence and a crazy comfort zone challenge. Each task that you do that takes you to your limits is a bear feeding moment. You are putting yourself to the test and that needs to be measured.

A trait of a successful person is: being able to measure what yourself and others are capable of.

Knowing where you, your friend, or team will peak at is a huge assest. You can choose wisely if you know what is possible. You can begin to know these limits and capabilities by doing the following:

  • Listen and watch your friend or team members for areas of interest or success
  • Know your/their comfort zone
  • Encourage comfort zone challenges, don't push
You might fail at climbing a rock wall, but going the same path the second time might bring better results. Put yourself to the test and you will build room for growth.