Advanced Productivity Batching Strategy

by Chance Smith

[easyazon-image align=“right” asin=“0307465357” locale=“us” height=“110” src=“” width=“73”]You guys might have played around with Tim Ferris’s batching technique from his Four-Hour Work Week book from 2007(Picture is an affilate link). The book thrives on getting a lot done in a small amount of time. He finds success in completing a full batch of one  task that you would the typically do daily, weekly or month. That way you can wait till the work builds up and then just cram it in 3-4 hours. This strategy is wonderful and I have put that into my workflow for a lot projects.

Batching in Practice

I do daily finaces for a local business. I have an agreement that I can wait until the week is up and do all the past 7 days at once. One report by itself takes about 7mins. 7 reports takes me about 30mins. You do the math. I save 17mins every week not doing the reports daily.

You might be wondering why I care so much about 17mins. You are right it is not that much time. But when you get in the pattern of doing one task for the next 1hour or 2 days you start to build some momentum and efficiency.

You can capitalize on this practice of batching and kick it up a notch. I have begun bridging the gap between staying caught up and getting ahead.. Turning the productivity knob up to an advanced method.

The Advanced Productivity Method

Do a few simple tasks in the morning that you can't batch or that boost your energy for the day. Next take today and tomorrow to a new level of insanity/intensity and only focus on one thing you can get caught up and then get ahead.

If you focused on one task for 2 days how far could we get ahead? A week or month? That would be awesome! Especially awesome the the work we struggle with the most.

Then do it again and again. You might be able to go on vacation for a month or work on your dream for a week.

Decrease your stress by getting ahead.