If You Don't Have Goals, You Plan to Fail

by Chance Smith

Goals give you steps to take. Completed goals creates growth. When you grow you succeed.

A trait of a successful person is: learning to set goals.

I used to play games and watch TV, like most high school and college students did. Season after season of sitcoms and SNL. It was a easy past time. These avenues were also a huge culture activity to soon discuss over the next lunch break or in classes throughout the week.

What a waste of time! I could have been a genius with that time alone focused on one subject. Even with the time I have now I still have to fight off the cravings for the easy time killers. How can I expect to be better, do more with my life, or drive that sexy red car I want? Seriously, am I going to turn off the TV and find it all right there in front of me? These millionaires didn’t lay that nest egg. They built it out of sweat , headaches, and having a vision with goals.

“That sounds so glamorous Chance!” You’re right it sounds gross. It sounds like we may get hurt and turned down a lot of times when trying. It’s sounds like a lot of work.

Where you are now shows how long you have worked and how much effort you have put into it. Want to be greater? Keep going.
You have to write your goals down.

I have three tools that I use to set goals to get things done. If you don’t write them down you have not committed to doing them.

Tool #1 —> Daily To Do List

Make a super small list of the things you need to get done. I use a postcard everyday and write down the things I need to get done today.

Tool #2 --> Project To Do List

I keep a constant list of things that I need to get done in certain areas of work. As items come to mind, or need to be added, the list builds. My projects don't change often and this helps me manage project related tasks.

Tool #3 --> Weekly Goals

I could completely focus on the day to day objectives but having this Goal list every week helps be aim a little higher. This is a must try if you aren't ready for the other tools quite yet.

Download them all with the Productive Motivation Tools.