Put More Attention & Action into Your Values

by Chance Smith

Distractions and laziness leads to our poverty, failures, and unhappiness no matter the case. If we do not plan for the future, set goals, and stay focused we will be here tomorrow. We will be standing in the exact same place we are today, tomorrow. For our lives to change we must change! This post helps with setting goals, ”If You Don’t Have Goals You Plan To Fail.”

A trait of a successful person is one who: Puts More Attention & Action into their Values

The same amount of attention and actions put into our plans need to be in our values also. I remember my earlier leadership years and the choices that were brought to me.

My Failure Example: Respectfulness -“I would not answer the phone when a Team Member would call while I was at home. My leaders never did the same thing so I wasn’t going to answer my phone either. I was in MY TIME.” At that time I was being very disrespectful! They were at work, while I was out and about on my day off. They trusted me to give them everything they needed to do a great job. They were at work doing what I asked them to do and I was not doing my part. It sickens me to think of it now. I make a great effort now to answer my phone, call back, email back, and text back as soon as I read it. I put more effort into giving my team players the respect that I desire and want to give.

My Success Example:

TeamWork/Honesty - “Hey Chance, I need some help could you come in for a bit?” I got this a lot at the restaurants that I managed. The choice was hard when it is your day off. It’s harder if you just got off work and you are asked to go back. I knew that there would be situations in this person’s life that they will be called to come in and this was a great time to be an example. There were cases that I couldn’t but I made sure that I when I could help I was there. I also expressed a happiness to help and be there while I was there. They already know I rather be doing something else with my time away from the job but I wasn’t going to show the slightest bit of frustration. Teamwork and honesty is the value that I have my attention set on.

These happen to be more leadership examples but my actions had the same intention. Since my many failures, I have wanted to take action to my values and pay attention to the decisions I am making. I evaluate my progress daily by comparing myself to my mission statement. Your mission statement sets your values for your life and keeps you on track.

You don't need a plan B, because it will only distract you from plan A" - Will Smith
Your only plan is your mission statement. Build your Mission Statement and put some action into your values.