Success Takes Action

by Chance Smith

My wife thinks her day is cursed if she writes her todo list down. Once it hits her paper she believes that it will not get done. I have to agree that I have this problem from time to time. If I just fly by the seat of my pants I can get a whole lot done that I didn’t have to plan for. Now there are two parts to this and I hope you take these ideas and turn them in to a action plan of your own.

A trait of a successful person is a person that: Accomplishes the Goals They Set

What if I get more done without a list? Great! You are like the majority of the world, all of who do not have lists. Though you are getting a lot of things accomplished through your day you didn’t have a goal in mind. You didn’t have a plan. There was no moment in your day where you can say, “I got everything done that I planned to do today!” You only say, “I got a lot done today!” Both of those phrases are great to say when the day is done. You did get something done. Which some can’t even say that. You need to have a goal to hit, a larger moment of success, and the guts to push yourself to the limit. Your list that you write or type up every morning can help with that.

Why do I fail at my todo list? You really think you are failing todo lists? No, not really. You suck at accomplishing you goals. You need to make your todo list a priority. If you need to start a book, workout, and finish a sales report before the day is up you need to do them now. Maybe not now, but before lunch. Either you are a firefighter and keep getting interrupted or the items on your list are not as high of a priority to you as you thought. I think you know the answer and I think you know you have what it takes to knock out your list.

Why else could I be failing? -Your list is to long -Your items need to be broken down into smaller steps -You can’t track or measure the goal in mind -Maybe you lose your list or the dog ate it

How do I stay motivated? -Write your list every morning -Make your list simple and small (three-five items) -Keep the list with you and look at it often -Track and measure your success -Encourage your spouse or friend to join you(No competing. Encouragement only)

Here is a tool(worksheet) I made to help list daily and weekly goals that you can download.

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