Motivation for Success

by Chance Smith

Welcome to the new year…again! The big 2014. It’s time to role up your sleeves! Ready to do something different? Are you ready to find some success with your ?

Start taking action this year and read my Traites of Successful People posts.

Option 1: Read each awesome motivational post.

Killer Traites of Successful People

  1. Know what your purpose is.
  2. Know your Mission - Create a Mission Statement
  3. Measure what you are capable of, and others too.
  4. Sets your Goals
  5. Regularly evaluate yourself.
  6. Give consistant attention & action to your values
  7. Accomplish your goals
  8. Quite giving a crap of what others may say or think.
  9. Know the definition of a priority
  10. Willing to do something different - Be unrealistic
  11. Help other people (--less talking and more helping--)
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Option 3: Read the Condensed Version of the Traites of Successful People.