Find Success & Stop Caring What Others Think

by Chance Smith

When you have a dream, an idea, or a passion you just need to go for it. Most of the times when an idea comes to mind I always blow the reaction of others out of proportion in the negative way. I think the idea is great but I’m scared what they might think.

I think the idea is great but I'm scared what they might think.
A trait of a successful person: Do not care what others may say or think

It is important to seek the guidance of your spouse, friend, or mentor before taking a big leap. Yet, do not let them completely sway you.

When should I NOT care what others think? When your idea is… -something that you have a passion for -Legal -Fair to others -Helpful to one person or many (yourself included is ok) -Financies are available (no debt allowed)

Fear is not a reason for you to not continue. I love the part in The Pursuit of Happiness where the son puts out and tells his father he wants to be a pro basketball player. Will Smith(actor) selfishly, and out of protection, tells his son that he shouldn’t go that route because of genetics or personal failures. This is a very popular scene and very motivational! If you haven’t seen this movie I highly reccomend it and recommend you not watching this clip. Go ahead and rent it on Amazon or iTunes and see it in full.

[video type="youtube" id="GQlzz6jGCfI"]

Do you feel you are able to get past the worry of what other will say about your ideas or performance? How would you overcome the fear in the future? Leave you comment here.