Car Detailing Service Business Model

by Chance Smith

For those that get a kick of finding business models, well, I wrote this for me and you. Some work or seem like great ideas. I don’t want to enjoy these alone and I think they should be shared. These business models might give someone the edge they need someday. I hope they take it and run with it.

Car Detailing Service

The only experience I’ve had with a car detail services was with a team that was remote. The team would come to you. I am sure there are car dealerships or little shops that will do car detailing but I hadn’t heard of a mobile team until 2006.

It’s now 2014 and I have encountered an epic spin the on the car detail business. I have not used this service but I want to reach out and get more details. I’ll update the post and tag at the top when updated.

This business model

My wife works at a school and the parking lot is filled with teachers and faculty vehicles all day. The car detailing team comes every Tuesday and any car that has a specific tag on the car gets detailed. I am assuming that the car owner leaves the keys in the car and they use the schools water and electricity for operations.

They have a small team of 5 and charge $60 per car. I am also assuming that they give a percentage of income to the school or reimburse the school for the utility expenses. Otherwise this private school is super generous.

What I love the most about this business model

I’ll just answer this with questions.

How many parking lots can they do at once? How many parking lots can they do in a month? How happy is the person that comes out of work to a spectacularly clean car?

Business Model Aftermath

The person doesn’t have to waste their precious time driving to your shop and waiting for you to get done. They walk out of a day of hard work and they have a exceptionally clean car.

My mind says, “You, detailer, just made it easy and we all love that.”

This model is scalable. One concern that comes to mind, and comes up often, is how high is the barrier to entry?

The starter kit is not expensive and you don’t have to start with a team. If you know how to clean and can sell your services then you have a job. The barrier is low and many people can enter.

If this is something that interests you I would know what is going to make you different and what is it that how can you go the extra mile than your competition.

“I will clean better and arrive on time,” isn’t going to cut it. We already expect that. We already don’t like the businesses that can’t accomplish these basics. We want more value for your higher price.

Coming to my work and cleaning my car and not wasting my time? I love it.

I hope this helps somebody. It’s opened my mind.

Any other models I should keeps my eyes peeled for or inquire about? Let me know below, cheers!