The Create-Validate-Iterate Dashboard Sketches

by Chance Smith


Thus far I have explained the source and thinking behind this dashboard.

I’ll now show you my progress with these sketches.

The visual flow was been my biggest concern as a sketched. I wanted the user to always know where to go next as they navigate the dashboard.


After a couple of sketches, attempting to use the Lean Dashboard layout, for a restaurant, I decided to redo the layout entirely. It just didn’t fit. create validate iterate sketch #1

Here I’m retaining the horizontal/landscape layout but pulling in a wheel/circle to create flow. create validate iterate sketch #2

The circular flow was interesting but the circle shape wasn’t doing the trick. I also tried an illustration of a funnel here. create validate iterate sketch #3

I continued with much simpler illustration, but decided it wouldn’t be taken as seriously and had less structure to follow. create validate iterate sketch #4

Starting from scratch and only thinking about the pieces I need, I sketched a more linear flow in a vertical/portrait view. The arrows helped show flow of information and the repeating iterative phase. create validate iterate sketch #5

One style came to mind that William Donnell had used with his website briefs. I gave it a quick sketch… create validate iterate sketch #6

Further refined. create validate iterate sketch #7

Refined again. Along with a test from Molly, the super wife. create validate iterate sketch #8

Here I zoom out and label the areas to get a big picture of the new dashboard. create validate iterate sketch #9

Here I zoom out and label the areas to get a big picture of the new dashboard.


I am happy with how far away I’ve moved from the original design of the Lean Dashboard. With a little more work and strategy I feel this can be a tool to be used.

Most importantly the flow is clearer. Due to the arrows, they help give guidance and navigation cues for the user’s eyes.

Here is a clear picture of direction I did in Skitch. create validate iterate sketch #10 flow


I’m fearful of how the goals will fit in the Future section. Also, I’m wondering how big this will have to be. With 8.5” x 11” as a starting point, we’ll see how it works on something bigger.

Next Phase

Next I will be taking this design to a whiteboard and start running it through a few trials. Then either make more changes or move onto real use cases.