Email Signature Creator

by Chance Smith


Here I have built a web application that creates email signatures based on a static design. The design would need to change for each company or individual but…yeah, this is for an agency or web developer that happens to make a email signature.

Demo links


A Sodium Halogen client made a request for us to design and code them a email signature. They needed 7-8 different signatures for different team members.

With the number of signatures needed I asked these questions:

  • Will they need more email signatures made in the future?
  • Could I give them a tool for them to create their own?
  • Could that tool be rigid enough so no one could alter the design?

The answer was yes to all three. Thus an app is born.

Who uses this app?

A company that want’s to keep a consistent email signature. They want to give the power to team members to create and implement their own email signatures.


What do you think of the app? Would you like me to setup an email signature creator for your company?