One Man Show - A Personal Approach

by Chance Smith


If you are a team of one or a team of many, here are quick tips on how to be more personal with customers.

I’ve mentioned using gifs before to be more personal and standout. I also showed how to make gifs.

3 Ways To Have A Personal Approach

Anyone else can do the job you do, it’s the relationship that matters most.

Get personal yo!

## Use your face…

  • in a gif #sawThatComing
  • in your email signature
  • in your marketing pieces
  • in your video tutorials

Here is my email signature: chance smith email signature

I know. I know. I’ll make a gif email signature soon.

## Find ways to make it fun

The best I can do is share an example.

This week, one of our designers was traveling before the holidays to see a friend in Seattle. She was sharing her adventure with me, telling me she sat between two fairly large people on the plane. I staged a photo and replied with this:

“Caroline, was your plane ride kinda like this?”

Chance Smith stuck

Earlier this year she sent me a picture of some goats sitting on the hood of a vehicle, while she was in Mexico. Let’s just say this chick does some traveling. #jealous

I sent this back to her:

chance smith nailed it

## Take personal responsibility for mistakes

Own your mistakes. Workout your humility and honesty muscles. It goes a long way.

## Aftermath

Have any ways you keep it really real with your customers?

I’m all ears. #gif

chance smith all ears

Also, meet my friend Luke. We did a few gifs at work last week.