Having "Bigger Than You" Goals

by Chance Smith

A method I share with my team is:

Do something bigger than yourself you’ll see yourself having far more statisfaction in life than ever before.

Apply to the service industry

You don’t just have to make the food and put it in their hand, but you can make every atempt to alter their day for the better.

Same goes with fixing cars, building websites, and cleaning houses.

How do you improve someones day?

You have to know what people want.

What do people want?

  • recognition
  • stories to share
  • friends


Tell your customers they look great or have a great smile. Maybe they have great ideas or are encouraging. Recognition is encrouaging. We all love it and want more recognition.

Stories to share

Make memerable momments. Go with funny or quirky. Just have fun togethor, with your customers. Give them a reason to strike up a story about you to their friends.


Maybe they just need more friends. Get to know your customers on a first name basis. Surprise customers that you know their name and their parteiclur desires/needs. Catching them off guard with how much you know about them, because you paid attention (no stalking), can go a long way.


These could possbily be ways you could raise your prices and the customers wouldn’t even bat an eye. The value of your service out ways the product or service delivered.