13 Ways to onboard new team members easier and faster

by Chance Smith

I have interviewed and hired hundreds of team members. Once they have been hired, getting team members to a point where they feel comfortable and productive takes time and effort. I’ve found a few crucial things to do that can make the onboarding process easier on you, your company and even the new team member.

As soon as possible, for your next hire:

  • have a process
  • have a plan
  • share the plan
  • have expectations
  • share the expectations
  • find ways make day-one less overwhelming
  • don’t give hires a huge manual and/or expect them to read it
  • provide concise information tools to learn from
  • as planned, follow up on the new hire’s progress
  • keep hires accountable to the set expectations
  • stick to the your plan
  • stick to the your process
  • keep yourself accountable too

How about an a few steps to complete your own?