4 Steps to build an onboarding process for new team members

by Chance Smith


Having a process to onboard new team members can save time and ease the learning curve. As fast as possible the goal is to get new team members to a state of being comfortable, efficient, and productive.

What new hires weren’t overwhelmed? What if they were productive their first day? What if you made had a plan? What if you had a process anyone could follow? You should!

Let’s build that process.

1 - Brainstorm

Think of all of the things you need a team member to know. Put each on a sticky note.

2 - Sort

Now sort those stickies in order of what you need them to know first.

3 - Divide

Keep the sorted list, but divide the list into these categories. What you want the new hire to know:

  • before their first day
  • day one
  • day two
  • day three
  • thirty days
  • sixty days
  • ninety days
  • one year

In my case, I rarely have anything that falls out side of the first ninety days. Maybe I’m to hopeful they’ll know everything in the first ninety days.

4 - Build The Process

With the stickies sorted and divided, you now have a plan and process of what you what them to know and when they should now it.

Now collect all of the information needed to teach them each item from your stickies. Maybe the information needs some revising or condensing, but now deliver the information when they should know it.

You’ll also want to make sure to keep and use this sorted list for when you do 30, 60, 90 day reviews. The reviews are to see how they like the job, where they need help, and to keep them accountable to your expectations.

There must be more, right?

I understand this last step is vague. There are a lot of factors as to how you and your business will build your process. If you are looking for something more hands-on or want a guide to go through these steps above, consider hiring me to do an onboarding workshop. It’s what I do.