Creating the logo for Medina Buzz

by Chance Smith


With a completely new company and only knowing the following, the journey began at creating a logo for Medina Buzz:

What I knew about Medina Buzz:

  • service was the delivery of news
  • service was going to be for Medina, TN (hince - medina)
  • Medina, TN sports teams were themed around hornets (hince - buzz)
  • service would be delivered via the web

What I aimed for:

  • minimal
  • responsive
  • less assotionation with sports but still following the city’s schools mascot

Eric Egbert, founder, sent this sketch to me to work with.

medina buzz initional logo sketch

I spent a good gallon of midnight oil free sketching ideas. Let’s begin…

(below) Here the responsive pieces begin.

(below) Here is where I began in Illustrator. I ended up not starting with a sketch but thought of something similar to origami. It didn’t work out.

(below) I started forming the hornet more here. Small changes to make it more aggressive. The silhouette helped keep it minimal without leaning into a sports team like symbol.

(below) I show dfferent font options. #5 looked to like a fashion magazine.

(below) I pull out all the serif fonts.

(below) Here I show the logo in a responsive way.

(below) The many pieces and variations in the Illustrator file.

Final Medina Buzz Logo


Some of the responsive options rose a question to me as I gathered this info. Does it matter if the logo more reconsizable than it is legable?

I think some of the unique responsive options would help it standout in some cases.

What I wish I had done differently

I should have put the logo in context: top of a website, hat, shirt, billboard, merch button, or sticker.

It would have made it more real to put the logo in places it would end up. Context matter.