homepage update - reduce bounce rate

by Chance Smith

I updated the homepage on Jan 3rd 2014.

Problem to solve on website

Reduce bounce rate.

There was a 90% bounce rate for the month of December 2014.

That is way too high. I try to average between 30% – 50%. If people are leaving your pages then they have arrived the wrong page or didn’t find what they expected.


For starters, I was only showing the places I was working. It’s obvious no one would be interested in that. I didn’t have to look at the analytics to know that.

The idea is to mimic the tools page by adding images behind the text and showcase the blog and my team onboarding workshop.


Here I’m showing my sources of income and the tools I use.

The tools button, next to my picture, has no Call-To-Action (CTA). It seems so random. I’m removing it some the main content. I’ll just let the top navigation direct traffic to that page.

New Layout

Now I’m giving recommendations to view the blog and apply for the limited onboarding workshop sessions.


I’m hoping that less options, graphic backgrounds, and ideal items of interest will reduce the bounce rate of the homepage.

Next steps

A/B testing is going to be next. I’ll want to test out text and background images that improve the bounce rate and CTR (click through rate). I’ll build those tests in the next few weeks.