Imagination: How you reach your dream.

by Chance Smith

Yes, work is great one day, then the next you’re in a lull.

Your imagination is what improves your situation. How about some examples?

when you’re a child

You morph your background into castle with dragons, or maybe you imagined a war-zone on a different planet. You make a wonderful time out of something that can be seen as dull. You make something great out of what you have, and you’ll remember it in years from now.

when you’re a teen

To get through practice, you imagine performing well on stage with the your piano, or on the field with your team. You imagining your success is what makes the time spent practicing well worth it.

when you’re an adult

You crunch numbers or write proposals to increase your income with creativity and outstanding performance. You imagine getting there. You imagine your time is well spent.

when you’re an elder

You cultivate time with friends and family. You imagine a legacy of loving, helping, and entertaining many.

why you imagine

You image because you have a goal. The child wants to have fun. The teen wants to be a top performer. The adult wants to succeed. The elder wants to be remembered.

The goals you set jumpstart the creative mind. It seeks the answer on how you are going to reach the finish line. Once you have set a goal and commit it to your mind to be achieved, your imagination is engaged and ready.

You want a better job. Declare what could be better. Think of where you really want to be. What kind of environment that looks like to you.

Define your dream job situation and make that a goal. Let your imagination breath it into existence.