My 2015 Goals

by Chance Smith

Here is what I have so far. Yeah, I’m still developing my goals for this year. Don’t judge. :)

#1) Reduce multitasking

I need to set stop points before moving on to the next subject. Each project I am working on needs to have a timeline.

#2) Create/Share daily

I’ve started this already, and I have blogged daily for the past thirty-five days thus far. It’s forced me to be transparent as I share my daily work. I may not continue blogging daily but I do want to share as I go.

Come find me on the Instagramsss.

#3) Increase financial intelligence

I’ve purchased two books and was given a third, all on the topic of money management, building assets and conservative investing.

#4) Create 10 videos

I want to get some practice speaking in and videos are going to be my leap in to that world. My goal is to improve my communication skills and people skills. All of which can have a huge impact on the work I already do at Sodium Halogen and Smoothie King.

Wrap up

I have a few other goals I’m toying with, but the above I’m dedicated to. Until tomorrow…

chance smith waves gif