Project Manage Your Team and Self | TLDR

by Chance Smith

Here are the questions I ask to keep myself productive. I’ll also share a video next on how I use Asana, project management tool, to orginiaize my team, work and self.


  • What is in the queue for today?
  • What is the availablility? _ How busy are you? _ When can you take on more work?
  • Your cost in hours? * How long does it take to complete each task?


The setup to asnwer the above would be, you have each task in a list or queue to complete each project. Then, each task is assigned to a person and date. Lastly, add time estimate to each task.


In cases of emergencies or under estimation of hours to complete a task, I only schedule out 5-6 hours per person per day. This gives some room to get ahead and not get swapped.

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Ever used Asana. It rocks!