Improving Customer Service and Casting Your Vision

by Chance Smith

A letter to the team…

Today we had a customer walk out the door unserved. Very little attention was given to him and he walked out.

It’s winter. We’re not busy. Right now business is easy.

We need you all to be intentional and impressive.

What do we expect of each other?

When a customer walks in greet them. Plus smile. Every customer should feel like a friend, a guest, a new acquaintance, and an important acquaintance.

Are we about quality or quantity?

We’re not a fast food chain. We might have a drive-thru (that just means we need to be fast), but we are the luxury brand of healthy living. In most cases we are more expensive than Starbucks.

Every customer wants something that we have. They’ve worked 40 to 60 hours to earn the money to buy whatever they want to.

When customers come to the store, our store, they want to trade their money for our product and service. They could have gone anywhere. Anywhere! They chose us. They chose to pay us and give us an income. Take pride in that! Get excited that they chose us. There is a lot of competition.

We need to serve every customer to the best of our ability. With the smile. With speed.

If you feel you have a room to improve ask for help. If you see you need help, we will coach you. We want to help you reach your best, you’re ceiling, and your potential. We want you to be yourself. Be the best you!

What business are we in?

We’re not in smoothie making business. We’re in the people business.

No matter where you go or what career you have, you’re always in the people business.

We went to succeed. We want you to succeed too. We need your help to do it.

Here are books that have helped me

  • “QBQ!” by John G. Miller
  • “Sell or Be Sold” by Grant Cardone
  • “Who moved my cheese?” by Spencer Johnson
  • “The Power of Eye Contact” by Michael Ellsberg
  • “Everyday Charisma” by Patrick King

If you liked this or want to chat, get in touch with me. Need help motivating your team?